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Divorce and Breakup from a long-term relationship is one of the most stressful events that can happen to a human being. In our culture we rush to put a lid on emotions and the natural process that needs to happen to move forward successfully and freely. But you can't skip emotional steps! Just burying the feelings will not help us to learn from our experience, live authentically, or move forward with real freedom.

It is proved that people that have participated in our group for a few months have felt more in peace with the (painful) process of the breakup or the divorce, less lonely, more connected with others and belonging to a group, and they have admitted that they are strong and ready to move on without any emotional leftovers (anger, sorrow, regret, rejection) or burden from the previous relationship. 

We meet twice a month to help each other navigate the emotional roller coaster we all experience while going through this difficult time in our lives. 

Some of the topics we go through are: 
-Recognizing what's happening to me
​-Dealing with loss
​-Dealing with rejection 
​-Dealing with blame
-The road to finding help
-Facing my anger
-Facing my depression
-Facing my loneliness
-Setting boundaries 
-Children Care
-New Relationships
-Moving On

DO NOT FORGET: While divorce is an end of a marriage, it also provides the opportunity for starting over and rebuilding the life you want.  

Over Vassia Sarantopoulou | Leiden

My name is Vassia Sarantopoulou and I am a Psychologist - Counselor working in Leiden and in the Hague for the last 3 years. I have been working as a counselor-therapist for more than 10 years in Greece, and I moved to the Netherlands in 2013.

My studies are in the Psychology field. I completed a Master course in Counseling and Career Guidance and a 2nd Master course in Child and Adolescent Psychology.

My main approach is CBT - Cognitive Behavior Therapy in combination with Mindfulness. The focus of this approach is to bring the balance in my clients between their mind and their emotions; between their thinking and their feeling.

The main and most common issues I have tried to deal together with my clients have been: anxiety, depression, time management, relationship and family issues (divorce, adolescence, parenting, conflicts, infertility), self-development.

I have organised seminars and workshops about psychology for counselors and psychologists, but also for individuals. I have also been the organisor and facilitator of the Divorce Support Groups in Leiden and in the Hague for men and women that have gone through a divorce and they need emotional support.

There's an ongoing research on Loneliness and its effect in the Netherlands, which I conduct along with my team.

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Vassia Sarantopoulou

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