4-Days Permaculture Basic Course
ZO 27 september | 10.00-17.00 uur | Den Haag

27 september 2020 t/m 20 december 2020 |
260,00 | € 260,- or € 200,- for low-income

Looking for some permaculture knowledge in the The Hague area? Thinking about starting your own Permaculture Garden?
This four days course gives you a firm introduction into Permaculture Design Principles and a general feeling for the possibilities that Permaculture has to offer as efficient and natural way of producing our food. This course gives you the skills to design your own Permaculture garden and insight in how to start and maintain it.

Permaculture is a design system that enables us to cooperate with Nature in order to produce our food, energy and other needs in a sustainable way, whilethe same time, restoring the landscape and rebuilding biodiversity and resilience in the Earth's ecosystems.

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Eetbaar Park (Zuiderpark).
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Den Haag

Menno Swaak
info AT permacultuur DOT nu

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